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The First Global Carbon-Neutral Meal Kit CompanyThe First Global Carbon-Neutral Meal Kit Company

HelloFresh commits to offsetting 100% of direct carbon emissions, as we strive to become your more sustainable meal kit of choice.

HelloFresh commits to offsetting 100% of direct carbon emissions, as we strive to become your more sustainable meal kit of choice.

Reducing CO2 at HelloFresh

As part of our mission to change the way people eat, we are constantly finding ways to help you balance your carbon footprint. HelloFresh commits to offsetting all the direct CO2 emissions caused by our internal operations and offices, plus all emissions from corporate travel and delivery to our customers. We do this by investing in green initiatives via our partner Planetly. By completely offsetting the carbon footprint of our deliveries, we support you in making green choices and boost environmentally friendly projects throughout the world.

Offsetting Carbon Around the World

In addition to our local initiative, we have invested in several other carbon-offsetting projects across the globe. From large-scale renewable energy plants in Mongolia to farm-waste methane capture in the Netherlands and Turkey, HelloFresh supports green action aimed at meeting the challenges of climate change.

Our Local Initiative

To offset our carbon emissions locally, we have sourced carbon credits from a New Zealand owned carbon forestry company that maintains a permanent forestry estate in excess of 38k hectares. This includes the conversion of marginalised farmland into permanent forestry. The program enables investment in forests to offset carbon emissions while accelerating the regeneration of those forests into biodiverse indigenous ecosystems, allowing a number of species, native birds, and insects to return to the area.

About Planetly

To make sure your meal kit deliveries are carbon neutral to your doorstep, we’ve teamed up with the climate action experts at Planetly. They build software for intelligent carbon management to help us analyse our total direct carbon emissions wherever HelloFresh is active (excl. USA), and match us with local and global green initiatives like those noted above. We only work with certified initiatives that have been carefully selected by Planetly to ensure that the projects we support create real impact to prevent climate change. Each project is closely aligned with the meal kit model, which is why we focus on the agricultural, forestry and green energy industries. Planetly also supports us in further reducing our carbon footprint, for example, by switching to green electricity in Germany.