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Low Calorie Meals

Looking for some tasty recipe inspiration? Browse our delicious Low Calorie Meals collection and discover flavoursome meals packed full of fresh ingredients. Find your next favourite recipe here, whether you're vegetarian, gluten-free or a busy parent. From quick midweek dinners to cuisines from across the globe, we’ve got dinnertime solved!
with Roast Veggie Toss
40 minutes2170 kJ
with Herbed Yoghurt
35 minutes2180 kJ
with Roasted Kumara & Soy Mayo
30 minutes2300 kJ
with Pan‑Fried Greens
35 minutes1980 kJ
with Salad & Creamy Pesto Dressing
35 minutes1900 kJ
with Roasted Pumpkin & Peanuts
35 minutes2230 kJ
with Garlic Mash & Corn Cobs
45 minutes2230 kJ
with Garlic Yoghurt & Hazelnuts
35 minutes1790 kJ
with Freekeh Salad & Toasted Walnuts
40 minutes2210 kJ
with Roasted Potatoes
35 minutes2140 kJ
with Garlic Mash & Green Salad
40 minutes2280 kJ
with Tomato Salsa
40 minutes3300 kJ
with Crushed Peanuts
25 minutes2030 kJ
with Mashed Potato & Green Beans
30 minutes2290 kJ
with Crushed Peanuts
20 minutes1720 kJ
with Roast Veggie Toss
40 minutes2480 kJ
with Golden Potatoes & Courgette
40 minutes2270 kJ
with Roasted Veggies
35 minutes1640 kJ
with Citrus Yoghurt
40 minutes2220 kJ
with Feta & Toasted Coconut
30 minutes1820 kJ
with Creamy Pesto Dressing
35 minutes2070 kJ
with Ginger Dressing & Peanuts
40 minutes2010 kJ
with Cauliflower-Cheddar Mash & Green Beans
30 minutes2230 kJ
with Creamy Feta & Toasted Almonds
30 minutes1940 kJ
with Lemon Yoghurt & Roasted Seeds
30 minutes2270 kJ
with Roast Potatoes & Mustard Veggies
35 minutes2210 kJ
with Pumpkin & Mango Chutney Dressing
40 minutes1890 kJ
With Peanut Dressing
30 minutes2170 kJ
with Parmesan Crumb & Cherry Tomato Garden Salad
35 minutes2160 kJ
with Oven Fries & Cucumber Raita
35 minutes2580 kJ

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