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Carb & Calorie smart meals

Carb & Calorie smart meals

Eat great and feel great about sticking to your nutritional goals every week with our balanced, delicious calorie and carb smart recipes!

Eat great and feel great about sticking to your nutritional goals every week with our balanced, delicious calorie and carb smart recipes!

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Looking for Carb Smart recipes (max. 30g of carbs) and Calorie Smart recipes (max. 650KCal) for dinner?

Look no further than HelloFresh! We have wholesome, tasty recipes that can fit your household’s personal nutritional needs. Made with fresh ingredients that you can feel good about cooking, our carb and calorie smart meals are a great way to try something new without compromising on flavour.

Recipes under 650 calories

Delicious, ready-to-cook carb smart & calorie smart recipes

Cooking a balanced dinner shouldn’t feel like a chore. That’s why we make sure our recipes are easy-to-follow and include pre-portioned ingredients to keep it simple. Our carb smart recipes lower the amount of carbohydrates per serving by using wholesome ingredients like cauliflower, zucchini and avocado in place of high carb foods like rice and bread. And our calorie smart recipes keep each serving under 650 calories while packing in lots of nutrients so you feel super satisfied after every meal.

Dietitian-approved recipes

Achieve your nutritional goals with recipes low in calories & carbs

We believe that meeting your weekly nutritional goals shouldn’t be hard to come by. That’s why our calorie and carb smart boxes help you take all the planning and tedious prep work out of cooking. Simply choose from a weekly selection of dietitian-approved recipes that don’t sacrifice flavour, and in just a few days everything you need for smart, home-cooked, delicious meals will be delivered straight to your door. With HelloFresh, you have the freedom to make easy, smart choices for every meal.

How does it work? Let HelloFresh do the calorie counting

It’s easy to get started! Just click below to head over to our plans page (don’t worry, your discount will be automatically applied). Choose the smart meals plan that works best for you, and then customize your plan size based on the number of people in your household and the number of recipes you want per week. Select your plan and start choosing your meals. On the menu you’ll find delicious recipes like Easy Southern-Spiced Pork and Parsley Butter Rump Steak. Have fun exploring our carb smart and calorie smart meals!

Why you’ll love HelloFresh calorie and carb smart recipes

  • Quick recipes low in carbs & calories but high in flavour

    Quick recipes low in carbs & calories but high in flavour

    We deliver fresh, pre-portioned ingredients so you can cut down on the prep time (about 25-35 minutes) and get to cooking easy, health-conscious meals.

  • High-quality recipes to fuel you through the week

    High-quality recipes to fuel you through the week

    Our meals are full of sustainably sourced ingredients including lean proteins, whole grains and nutrient-dense veggies that the whole family will love.

  • Enjoy “smart” carbs with the whole family

    Enjoy “smart” carbs with the whole family

    Our meals are full of flavourful, nutritious ingredients that everyone will love. Plus, our recipes are easy enough for the whole family to get involved.

Learn more about our carb and calorie smart meals

What are carb and calorie smart meals?

Carb Smart meals have all the same great flavour you know and love from your favourite HelloFresh meals, except with 30g of carbs or less per serving. And Calorie Smart meals are our delicious HelloFresh recipes consisting of 650KCal or less!

How many carb and calorie smart meals are on the menu each week?

We have added 3 Carb Smart and 3 Calorie Smart meals to our menu every week. If you want to fill your entire delivery with Carb Smart or Calorie Smart meals you can simply double up on your favourites every week!

Is there an extra charge for carb & calorie smart meals?

No, these meals don’t cost any more than our other great meals and come at no extra charge, so go ahead and give them a try!

What type of carb & calorie smart recipes should I expect?

We’re all about fresh ingredients and a balanced variety, whether they’re Carb Smart, Calorie Smart or any other delicious meal. These recipes are just like any other recipes you can expect from HelloFresh – creative, flavourful, mouth-watering, and easy. See below for some of the delicious recipes you can find on the HelloFresh menu.

What our customers say:

Most 5-stars Reviews
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Super convenient!
I love the food and the convenience! Every meal has been awesome. I can't wait for each box to arrive and my husband can even make these meals because the instructions are easy to understand.
Huge variety of recipes
The range of recipes is fab and had really pushed my confidence in the kitchen and willingness to cook with new ingredients. Recipes cards are clear and numpty-proof!
Easy to follow recipes
Fantastic idea. I was sceptical at first but thought I’d give it a go. The meals are tasty generous portions. So simple to cook with a recipe card for each meal. During the week now we just pick a meal. No having to worry if I have all the ingredients. Everything is so fresh.
Quick easy meals
Brilliant for quick easy meal. Everything there for you, as some of the ingredients I wouldn’t have in my store cupboard.Our meals are for two and there is plenty, often enough for three. All fresh ingredients.