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Grocery Delivery: fresh food delivered directly to your door!

Grocery Delivery: fresh food delivered directly to your door!

No time for the grocery store? Subscribe to HelloFresh, New Zealand's best fresh food delivery service

No time for the grocery store? Subscribe to HelloFresh, New Zealand's best fresh food delivery service

Get up to $130 off!

The online grocery delivery service that brings fresh food to your table!

We bring fresh food from our suppliers to your table. All our ingredients are always fresh and pre-portioned to ensure no-waste. Our ingredients are locally sourced and delivered with sustainable packaging to ensure minimum waste and maximum taste.
HelloFresh fresh food delivery is as good for your stomach as it is for your wallet and the environment. Prices average depending on your plan and frequency, and we always offer exciting promotions for you to use on your next grocery box delivery. We save you serious money.

Grocery delivery solutions: Order fresh food & save time every time

Making time for weekly grocery trips can be a challenge when you are balancing life’s many responsibilities. From work and family to social engagements and household chores, we all have a combination of growing responsibilities that take up our time. With a fresh grocery delivery service, you can eliminate the time, stress and even some of the costs that often come with grocery shopping. With those savings, you can get back to the things that really matter. Although many grocery delivery companies have taken an e-commerce approach, grocery delivery companies with subscription models like HelloFresh make it even easier to automate your grocery delivery. You shouldn’t have to sacrifice convenience and time for fresh food. When you subscribe to HelloFresh, you get fresh grocery delivery on time, every time. We provide the best grocery delivery service in New Zealand for your wallet, time, and palette.

How do grocery delivery services work?

Grocery delivery services make the process of getting fresh groceries easy. When grocery shopping at brick-and-mortar grocery stores, getting to the store and finding the right ingredients you need can be time consuming and draining. With online grocery delivery, you can get a fresh food box with fresh ingredients delivered straight to your your doorstep. Brick and mortar stores also take up a lot of time and costs due to gas and marked up product prices. By ordering online grocery delivery and making use of weekly grocery services from grocery delivery companies like HelloFresh, you can streamline your processes to save you time and money with great value per serving. Weekly grocery delivery services protect your time, your wallet, and the environment as well. While brick and mortar stores use hefty packaging and plastic bags that end up sitting in landfills, HelloFresh helps improve sustainability and reduce food waste. When you order a fresh food box from HelloFresh, you can have peace of mind knowing that you are getting the exact amount of fresh ingredients you need in sustainable packaging. It is also worth mentioning that there are fewer things more inconvenient then travelling to a grocery store only to find that the ingredient you need is not in stock. Weekly grocery delivery services offer a wide range of ingredients that suit different dietary restrictions and bring them to your table without you having to leave the comfort of your home. Boost your time and taste, without waste.

HelloFresh: New Zealand's best fresh food delivery service for your table

HelloFresh offers the best fresh food delivery service in New Zealand for your household. We make it easy to order fresh food online with our convenient, sustainable, and cost efficiency grocery box delivery. As part of our fresh food delivery, we offer a variety of recipes and meal plans to accommodate various diets and households, whether you are ordering for yourself, as a couple, or as a family of four. We offer plans for vegetarians, calorie smart eaters, meat lovers and more with customized deliveries so you can determine how much you order, and how often.

Why you'll love HelloFresh grocery delivery service

  • Fresh food at home

    Fresh food at home

    Serve more regional dishes at home for less with our dinner box menu. Our healthy grocery delivery services help you enjoy healthy and fresh food at home, with recipes delivered by chefs using fresh ingredients.

  • Discover new flavours and cuisines

    Discover new flavours and cuisines

    HelloFresh makes it easy to shop fresh food online so you can discover new flavours and cuisines any day of the week. Create and try new things with our healthy grocery delivery and diverse fresh-tasting ingredients.

  • Organic grocery delivery

    Organic grocery delivery

    HelloFresh works hard every day to create meaningful relationships with our trustworthy, local suppliers to source seasonal, fresh ingredients. We provide organic grocery delivery everyone can feel good about.

Grocery delivery areas in New Zealand

HelloFresh is proud to offer grocery delivery across New Zealand. No matter where you are, we bring fresh ingredients to your doorstep that can come together in quick, easy, and delicious meals for you or your family.
Make us your choice for grocery delivery in New Zealand. We offer grocery delivery to most regions on the North & South Island. Just remember, when you enter your grocery code, be sure you enter your postal code in all caps and no spaces. If you are unsure whether we deliver to your area, be sure to get in touch with our customer care team, who will be happy to lend you a helping hand. If we don’t deliver groceries to you (yet), feel free to send us an email so that we can share your interest with our logistics team. Hopefully, we’ll be able to provide grocery delivery to your door sooner rather than later! When you choose HelloFresh for your grocery delivery in New Zealand, you are choosing convenience, savings, sustainability, and fresh tastes. We are committed to providing fresh and healthy grocery delivery across the country to bring local ingredients to your door and easy, delicious meals to your table.

HelloFresh fresh food delivery: prevent food waste!

HelloFresh fresh food delivery is an environmentally friendly organic grocery delivery solution that reduces your food waste and increases your time and savings. We source our fresh ingredients locally and pre-portion them so that you get exactly how many ingredients you need. Ingredients should end up on the table, not in the garbage.
A weekly grocery box delivery service ensures you have exactly what you need so that you always have enough for a delicious meal and avoid unnecessary food waste. According to a 2020 HelloFresh survey, 31% of people are guilty of throwing away food at least once because they bought more than they can possibly eat. We’re looking to change that, especially as food waste becomes an increasing concern for the population. This comes as little surprise considering that, when ordering groceries from an online grocery store or in store, it’s easy to buy excess of what we need. More often than not, we find ourselves buying way more than we could possibly consume, or too much of a unique ingredient that we never end up using again. With our organic grocery delivery, we give you the ingredients you need so that you can discover new foods you love, without having to buy an excess of new ingredients. The sustainability of our grocery box delivery services does not begin and end with our ingredients. Instead of packaging your grocery box delivery with wasteful materials, we deliver using sustainable packaging to reduce our carbon footprint.


Most common questions about HelloFresh grocery delivery

Is HelloFresh’s grocery delivery service more affordable than buying in store?

HelloFresh healthy grocery delivery services help you reduce waste and costs with our seasonal, pre-portioned ingredients. We pride ourselves in being the best grocery delivery service option for budget-savvy foodies looking for less cost and more taste, and we have the numbers to provide it. According to a comparison study, grocery delivery from HelloFresh can save you $53/month more than online grocery shopping.

What makes HelloFresh different from other grocery delivery services?

HelloFresh is so much more than just another affordable grocery delivery service. Not only do we offer weekly grocery delivery that is cost effective, but we provide delivery that is fresh and sustainable. Our grocery box delivery offers chef-crafted meal kits with high quality, locally sourced ingredients that are pre-portioned for your needs. Our recipes are all easy to follow and come with all the nutritional information you need to whip up a delicious, healthy meal. HelloFresh grocery delivery services bring fresh food to your doorstep, so you can bring well-balanced meals to your table.

Can I choose the ingredients for my grocery delivery?

You pick, we deliver. It’s important to us that our fresh food delivery service always delivers you the ingredients you love the most, for fresh tasting meals you can get excited about. Every week, you can choose from a range of over 27 recipes that cover different cuisines and dietary needs. Whether you are a meat-lover or a vegetarian, we have grocery delivery options for you. All you have to do is log into your account and pick the recipes that best suit your needs and when and how often you want them, and we’ll bring them over. It’s really that easy.

Is HelloFresh’s grocery delivery service sustainable & eco-friendly?

HelloFresh is proud to be the first global carbon-neutral grocery delivery company. Everything we do is with freshness and sustainability in mind. By providing seasonal, locally sourced, pre-portioned ingredients we reduce food waste, while our eco-friendly, and minimal recyclable packaging helps us reduce our overall footprint. All together, we are able to offset 100% of our carbon emissions. Why throw out food? Get exactly what you need with HelloFresh.