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Chinese Recipes

Looking for Chinese recipes? We've got you covered with a wide range of quick, delicious recipes packed full of fresh ingredients. Easy to make and bursting with flavour, discover the perfect dish for any occasion!
16 recipes found
with Veggies & Crispy Shallots
30 minutes3510 kJ
with Roasted Peanuts
25 minutes2920 kJ
with Udon Noodles & Roasted Peanuts
25 minutes2530 kJ
with Garlic Rice & Veggies
30 minutes2840 kJ
with Garlic Rice & Peanuts
30 minutes3480 kJ
with Stir-Fry Veggies & Garlic Rice
35 minutes3610 kJ
with Garlic-Ginger Rice
30 minutes3820 kJ
with Crushed Peanuts
25 minutes2030 kJ
with Sichuan Sauce & Peanuts
25 minutes2850 kJ
with Roasted Peanuts & Broccoli
35 minutes2980 kJ
with Roasted Cashews
30 minutes1820 kJ
with Broccoli & Peanuts
35 minutes2810 kJ
with Roasted Cashews
35 minutes2610 kJ
with Garlic Aioli
45 minutes3200 kJ
with Jasmine Rice
35 minutes2560 kJ
with Rainbow Veg
35 minutes4170 kJ