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Indian Recipes

Looking for Indian recipes? We've got you covered with a wide range of quick, delicious recipes packed full of fresh ingredients. Easy to make and bursting with flavour, discover the perfect dish for any occasion!
34 recipes found
with Basmati Rice
40 minutes3700 kJ
with Mint Yoghurt & Pickled Cucumber
40 minutes2690 kJ
with Cucumber Raita
20 minutes4540 kJ
with Cherry Tomato Salsa & Lime Mayo
35 minutes2890 kJ
with Toasted Lime Coconut
35 minutes4520 kJ
with Tomato Salad & Cucumber Raita
30 minutes1840 kJ
with Basmati Rice & Greek Yoghurt
40 minutes4130 kJ
with Basmati Rice
40 minutes4840 kJ
with Mint Yoghurt
30 minutes2240 kJ
with Garlic Flatbread Chips & Greek Yoghurt
50 minutes4060 kJ
with Spiced Potatoes & Green Salad
35 minutes2240 kJ
with Chilli Flatbreads
45 minutes4160 kJ
with Garlic Rice & Cucumber Raita
35 minutes3170 kJ
with Cucumber Raita
30 minutes3120 kJ
with Chilli Flatbreads
35 minutes3200 kJ
with Basmati Rice
35 minutes3820 kJ
with Garlic Rice & Mint Yoghurt
30 minutes2720 kJ
with Basmati Rice
30 minutes4050 kJ
with Basmati Rice
40 minutes3890 kJ
with Basmati Rice & Mint Yoghurt
30 minutes3500 kJ
with Roasted Cashews
35 minutes3490 kJ
with Currants & Roasted Almonds
40 minutes2220 kJ
with Basmati Rice
35 minutes2890 kJ
with Tomato Salsa & Herbed Yoghurt
25 minutes3090 kJ
with Cucumber Yoghurt & Tomato Salad
35 minutes2950 kJ
with Currants & Almonds
35 minutes2560 kJ
with Cucumber Raita & Flaked Almonds
40 minutes2960 kJ
with Greek Yoghurt
40 minutes3660 kJ
with Pumpkin & Mango Chutney Dressing
40 minutes1890 kJ
with Oven Fries & Cucumber Raita
35 minutes2580 kJ